Get inspiration for team building activities

Need great team building activities?

If you are looking for some of the best team building activities to go with your next company event then you really should consider what we offer at Charlottenlund Castle. Founded and run by anthropologists The Tribe, based at the castle, offer intelligent, engaging, high-end teambuilding and teambuilding games that cater to discerning customers that want only the best.


Team building activities in Copenhagen

Can be hard to come by, especially the culturally sensitive and intellectually challenging kind, that simultaneously meet the need for a fun day together out of the office. You obviously need that team building in English, or you wouldn’t be reading this, and The Tribe has you covered.


Maybe you also need team building activities for 100 employees?

Just maybe, finding that special brand of teambuilding that doesn’t make everyone feel silly, or require you to roll around in the mud, also need to be for 100 employees or more… Well, look no further. At Charlottenlund Castle we can easily accommodate those numbers.


Teambuilding game

Here you can try your hand and mind at our custom-made teambuilding game The Royal Chancery. Competing against you colleagues in small teams only one team may rise above the rest and claim victory. So, if you were moments ago out of team building activities ideas, you can now let out a sigh of relief. You’ve found it!


As far as business events in Copenhagen go

Or business event in Denmark or business events in Europe for that matter, the event agency The Tribe really stand out as experts in the field of creating high-end teambuilding business events. The teambuilding activity we offer range from games, to anthropological One Team Mindset exercises and fully packed team days, all the way to actual team development using personality type test systems like the Enneagram.


So, if you are looking for a corporate teamday

A team day with more than just a flip-over, a smart board and a nice lunch, The Tribe can facilitate your event at Charlottenlund Castle or one of our other choice locations. We can even provide accommodation if you plan to make several days out of your stay with us.


Corporate events on 1st class

Maybe you would even like to merge you next company events together, framing a team day or days inside a full service dinner, cocktails and evening party package. Where better than at a royal castle near central Copenhagen?